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Created for Louise Fili’s food packaging class. The Assignment: Redesign the packaging for De Cecco, a brand of pasta. I decided to do a different take on the entire feeling of the brand. Italian design is inventive, ground breaking and simple.

By using black instead of blue I tried to separate De Cecco from all the other brands on the pasta shelf, give it not only a twist, but boldness to go along with the famous name and quality. I rearranged the layout of the information in a more legible way, and gave it a contemporary look using Din as a main typeface. The Idea of using a script for the product name was a move to still connect the pasta, a beautiful, once man-made simple product with the bold design. The last move was to make the number huge, almost too big to notice, if you look for it, you will find it, but if you don’t, it’s just another design element - Designed for the Italians - Bold but exciting.

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