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Concepting, Design & Animation for a commissioned motion piece for SVA (School of visual arts).

Role : Creative, designer & animator

In the winter of 2018, I was asked by SVA to create a motion piece, capturing my experience in studying at the New York-based school. The piece was to be a part of the school's marketing efforts around the globe and will be used to educate prospective students about what it is to be a student, and alum at the school. 

Credits : 

Liron Ashkenazi Eldar

SVA Alumni

Motion Résumé


During 2017 - a year+ after graduation from The School of Visual Art - I was tasked by my former dean, Richard Wilde, to create an introduction video about myself, my work, my school experience and current doings.

I've decided to create a motion Resume that will hopefully inspire and educate future and current student to create kickass work.

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