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I had the honor of leading this mission alongside my fellow designers and many other incredibly talented folks at BUCK.

Role: Concept Design & Treatment, Art Direction Lead, Design, and artist management.

Palm is a new NFT ecosystem for culture and creativity, built efficiently with Ethereum.


Credits : 

Client : Palm NFT Studio


ECD: Kevin Walker
Creative Director: Camille Chu
ACD : Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi
Shannon Jager
Vinicius Naldi
Art Director: Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi
Design Lead: Renaud Futterer
Design: Adam Brandon
Kenni Huang
Creative Strategy Director: Marla Moore
Brand Strategist: Elizabeth Vogstberger
James Moore
Creative Technologist: Donovan Keith
Michael Delaney
Tayler Johnson
Global Head of Production: Emily Rickard

A little bit about the project: 

This two-parter put our branding skills to the test, crafting two distinct brands that coexist under the same umbrella of shared sensibilities. 

First came the brand identity for Palm NFT (a joint venture between crypto juggernauts ConsenSys and art services firm Heni).Then came a visual branding system for Palm—a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly blockchain technology. 

Organic-Digital as a theme →

The Palm ecosystem is built as a breeding ground for explosive creativity.

We targeted an aesthetic that could flex to a variety of themes, chief among them organic-digital; but also growth, transformation, and balance. We crafted a tech-jungle — a unique array of generated shapes that systematically create an eclectic yet refined design language.

The Mark →

Palm’s primary brand identifier consists of two parts: an icon (made of 1 or 4 shapes) and a wordmark. The wordmark must always be used in conjunction with the icon, and is set in Whyte Rounded Inktrap — our custom font based upon Whyte Inktrap Medium.

To aid legibility, we altered the ‘Pa’ in palm to sit more comfortably together, as well as tweaked the ‘F’ and ‘T’ in ‘NFT’ to create more space.