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The New Republic Ampersand​ Illustration.

I was assigned to visit the New Republic Online Publication and design an Ampersand for one article in the “Books” section. The Idea was to come up with a bold Amersand that would work well in both the printed publication, and the Ipad/Desktop one.


The essay, New Technology Doesn't Make Us All Richer ,written by Paul Starr, sums up the many books discussing the connection between technological advancement and Wealth. The referenced books of the different theories were interesting, but what really caught my eye was one specific quote “As a result, a yawning disparity has opened up between the subjective experience of innovation and the objective measures of its economic impact “ - I knew I had my concept. - the idea of a a never- ending cycle, one end will always chase the other. In my piece I would try and illustrate the yawning disparity between the two sides of the story - the user and the technology - a never ending cycle, one side will never really reach the other.

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