I created a brand identity & concept website design for a new real estate startup Living&Co.

Role: Creative/Design Director & Brand Designer


Living&Co is a Simplified co-living experience, with fully-furnished spaces and inclusive amenities, so you can focus on experiencing the luxuries with no commitment. Currently based in NYC. One of my best buds co-founded the company, and I couldn't be more honored to help him out with the brand and website concept design. They wanted something fun, minimalistic, unapologetically sophisticated to go with their beautiful & whimsical Brooklyn apartments. I wanted to give them a brand that feels like Home, paired with a sense of adventure and elevated experience, just like their product. Aside from the brand materials, I created a dedicated print series, 24 prints, that would function as little areas of color and boldness among the light and bright walls.

Credits : 

Client : Living&Co

Design Director : Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar

Strategy and Technocal direction : Gal Eldar

Brand Designer : Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar

Web Designer : Daniel Shalev

Website Build : Upfront.co.il 

Photography : Julia Hembree

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