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First Thing's

First Manifesto

What do you believe In as a designer? This question almost never comes up when you're so busy tending to you client's wishes, basically, being a good problem solver. But what happens when you no longer feel like you're helping your client, but just helping them sell terrible things? First thing's first Manifesto was first published in 1964 by Ken Garland and 22 other wonderful Design and Advertising professionals. In 1999-2000 it was republished and signed by a batch of other highly talented Designers, wishing to keep fighting the Vicious cycle of the Advertising-Design-Client world. My design is based on the idea that I found this manifesto incredibly effective, but also very long and tedious, and felt the message the group was trying to convey was hidden beneath many layers of type. I have also found contradictions in the text that I felt were important to bring out, and Basically highlighted my perspective on the issue, with the Good & Bad of our industry. To do so, I used Transperent film to hide/obstruct what I found to be irrelevant to my POV, and thus highlighting and contrasting my side of the story.

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