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Concept, Strategy & Brand identity for the successful Blockchain project-turned-company

Role: Creative Director, Designer & 3D Artist.

We've worked with AirSwap directly to articulate and define their brand voice, esthetic and positioning. From the minimalistic logo mark, multi-lingual Logo system, and a series of 3D illustrations for all sort of communications. The-Artery also designed AirSwap's launch website, that later was replaced by their actual product when they hit the market a couple of months after the brand was visually established. The website included many 3D animations and interactions that were never seen before in the blockchain sphere and the brand set a new standard for visual design in their industry.

Credits : 

Client /

Agency & Production / The-Artery

Creative & Technical Director / Gal Eldar

Design Director / Liron Ashkenazi Eldar

Project Manager / Matthew Arrow

Designers / Kendall Henderson, Nate Cover

3D Artists / Liron Ashkenazi, Patrick Sluiter

Development / Gal Eldar, Jake Musich, Randy Lebeau, Yevgeniy Rokhlin