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Wolfgang Laib @ Gagosian Gallery Opening Night Invitation.

The idea was to correspond the information in the cleanness way but still capturing Laib's essential procedures as an artist. Laib uses Natural materials, so for the invitation I chose to incorporate some of his most known materials: Wood, Bee wax, marble & Brass. I wanted to use as many materials as possible without removing the general feel from the minimalistic style shown in Laib's works. My Number one restriction was not to use Ink, it might have been because Wolfgang's work is so special to me I decided to not do anything expected, or just the fact that Ink and printing felt foreign to his style. The last piece of my thinking process was to try and build something that would be as interactive as Laib's work; the fact that he produces most of his shows on location and having process such a huge part of his philosophy. The receiver of the Invitation will have to build it themselves in order for it to work properly; The message will only be apparent once process was applied.All of the above resulted in this Natural Interactive Invitation that chooses to shed light not on a specific piece from the show, but the amount of luminance and purity found in his work.

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