We created a global collaboration project as a homage to the 2019 Eurovision.

Role : Creative Director, Producer & Participating Artist.

The Euro-Vision project is a collaboration between 26 artists from all over Europe & the world to create our own interpretation and celebration of the renowned song competition, The Eurovision – Capitalizing on this year's Eurovision location, Israel, The Startup Nation - our theme was: Human & Machine


Ranging from 3D animation to stop-motion, the artists were invited to visualize what it means for humans and machines to operate as one. Is it peaceful? Violent? Organic? Or a mix of everything? Whatever it is, we know that music can always bring us together as one.

Credits : 

Agency, Production, and Post: The-Artery
ECD: Vico Sharabani
Creative Director & Producer: Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar
EP/MD: Deborah Sullivan
Soundtrack: The Soundery & Patrick Henchman
Artists: Aleksandar Sasha Djordjevic, Anastasia Kharchenko, Andi Iacob, Caroline Kjellberg, Daniel Nahum, Eduard Mykhailov, João Figueiras, Grace Casas, Irene Feleo, Kasper Pindsle, Kristian Skogmo, Laura Sirvent, Liron Ashkenazi-Eldar, Machina Infinitum, Mihran Stepanyan, Mike Voropaev, Patrick Sluiter, Ryan Morace, Yomagick, Nadav Meiden, Andrea Philippon, Michael Elliot, Sinquin Aline.

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